Banking aims to be the ultimate banking solution for any kind of server, join our discord server to suggest new features that we should add in!

Custom 3D Models

Custom 3D models can be added to your server easily, by configuring it following this example, Also you can create new models on your own.

Creation And Destruction Wands

Those wands allow you to create and destroy machines easily by interacting with the block you want to build a machine on or right-click on the machine that you want to destroy with the destruction wand, Creation wand allows you to rotates on creation the machine's angle by 45 degrees depends on your facing angle, if you looking at the north, the machine will face toward north either.

Unlimited Custom GUI Inventories

An unlimited amount of custom bank GUI inventories means you can create a lot of designed GUI for any purpose! create a huge bank or little ATM GUI menus,
To make sure your bank will look unique and well self-customized, the system offers you the ability to create any size of inventory in any variation, also a few button types (such deposit, withdraw, custom actions, transfer, balance, and back) that you can insert into your menu easily by configuring it following this example.

Admin Management GUI

/Bank Admin will lead you to the management GUI, there you can get creation and destruction wands, enter account overview mode to check any bank account of any player in your server, future updates will bring the ability to modify the config.yml, inventories.yml and machines.yml through the management GUI!

System Features, Chat Input Interaction & Clear Selection

In order to overview some account, you will need to left-click overview button, or right-click to load the last account you modified (Since you joined the server), once you enter action mode, you need to write down the player's nickname.
Clear selection by click on the Clear Selection button in the main GUI, Right-Click + Shift (permission: banking.edit) to edit machine.

Account Overviewing

Once you enter overviewing mode, You are able to: deposit, withdraw, set, reset and check balance, also cool feature, you can freeze the player's account and prevent him to use machines, and denies the rights to modify his account till the manager toggle it back.

Custom Holograms And Charge Fees

The machines having a display name hologram above them that you can edit on machines.yml, In addition, you can set for a specific machine a unique charge fee with a custom hologram under the machines name, which means the player will have to hold money in his hand in order to use the specific machine, Also in config.yml you can switch between 1 or unlimited actions per use, if it's one action machine, after the first transaction complete, the GUI will be closeed and the player will have to pay another fee, unlimited will bring the GUI back again.